Certified Marine Surveys, Recreational or Commercial:
- Appraisal
- Purchase
- Insurance
- Accident
- Fishing

- Surveys for Sail boats, Power yachts, Small craft, Commercial charter craft and Fishing boats
- Master, Accident and Fraud Investigator, Fishing Vessels
- Yacht Delivery: East Coast to Caribbean
- Engine Surveys - A comprehensive view of your engine

Why Hire A Marine Surveyor?
An Accredited Marine Surveyor can give you an indication of the value, condition and related aspects of a vessel, commercial or pleasure, that a prospective buyer, insurance underwriter, owner or lending organization can rely upon. A Certified Survey is something you can literally "take to the bank".

A Certified Surveyor can give you a complete appraisal of a vessel, sail or power, recreational or commercial. Inspections for condition, insurance, valuation, donation, disaster, accident, salvage, repair, finance are just a sample of the way a Certified Marine Surveyor can assist you.

- March Hare Marines Services is the Titan International Dealer for Monroe and Miami-Dade counties.  Oil testing and analysis providing positive results may provide you with a limited warranty for your vessel or vehicle.  Call for more information